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We offer you best patented street aluminum poles for park lighting.

Aluminum Light Pole Base buy
Aluminum Light Pole Base

Aluminum Light Pole Base buy in the US

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Aluminum Pole Brackets
Aluminum Pole Brackets

Aluminum Pole Brackets

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Aluminum Pole Top Kits
Aluminum Pole Top Kits

Aluminum Pole Top Kits

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Aluminum street and parks poles.
Aluminum conical lighting supports are designed to illuminate open spaces, city streets, sidewalks, parks, squares and car parks. Also ideal for lighting of cottage settlements and cottage settlements. Fully comply with the world standards of quality and safety.
Our company offers aluminum supports as standard only in the anodized version, because only such a product of the highest quality.
Primary and unprotected aluminum, unfortunately, is polluted, and in a polluted and aggressive environment, even corrosion is exposed.
Anodizing is used for the purpose of anticorrosive support of the surface of aluminum supports, aluminum heads, and also for decorative purposes.
Characteristic of anodized supports
• The anodized surface is an integral part of the base, which eliminates the problem of sub-film corrosion and coating peeling.
• Long service life, with the possibility of obtaining a manufacturer's warranty up to 20 years,
• high aesthetics of the support during the long service life,
• high resistance to ultraviolet radiation,
• no corrosion,
• availability of a wide range of colors,
• lightweight construction,
• possibility of recycling material - recycling,
• High surface styling.

Usually aluminium poles do not fall down and damage cars on the street.

Advantages of streetlight poles from aluminum alloy supports:
- ease of construction;
- ease of transportation and installation;
- aesthetic appearance;
- reliability (withstand load in any wind zones)
- possibility of painting in any color of the RAL scale.

It is possible to produce solid conical aluminum poles up to 12 meters high for your order.
Guarantee for aluminum lighting supports - up to 30 years.

Description of aluminum street and highway lighting poles and supports
Are manufactured in accordance with the EN-40 standard, which determines the most important technical indicators of this equipment. The use of the newest production technology - the method of counter-indentation, and the use of unique quality characteristics of the material used - aluminum, provides such supports with high elasticity, strength, resistance to wind and vibration loads, and other negative environmental influences. An important advantage of these supports is their property of high passive safety. In the case of accidents involving such supports, they do not pose an additional threat to the life and health of people, vehicle damage in the fall, on the contrary, serves as a kind of buffer that mitigates the impact and possible damage.
High aesthetic properties of aluminum supports are complemented by the possibility of painting them in any color in the RAL palette in powder or hydrodynamic way, as well as anodizing. Anodizing is a special electrolytic process during which the entire support shaft is covered with an oxygen coating, as a result of which the support receives additional protection from the influence of harmful environmental factors, and also acquires certain color shades depending on the given conditions of the anodizing process.

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