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The scope of Lighting main roads interchanges bridges and lighting of secondary roads courtyards parks plazas Parking lots, etc. Price 219 215-22-09 sales Support faceted conical OGK made by bending steel sheet. Welded longitudinal seam. Corrosion protection with a warranty period of not less than 15 years made by the method of hot dip galvanizing. To the support by studs is attached to the bracket with one to four horns to mount the lamps. To ensure corrosion resistance fasteners are made of stainless steel or galvanized. OGK height 3 4 5 6 meters have an upper diameter of 60 mm lower by 136 mm. the size of the support flange 250 mm center-to-center distance of the holes 160 mm. Supports from 8 to 16 meters are characterized by large diameters distance. OGK height of 10 and 12 meters are available in standard and emergency versions. The size and type of Foundation mortgage metallic element and concrete depend on the design of the support. Supports OGC lightweight durable aesthetic. Their installation and maintenance simple and affordable. Power support, optional can be manufactured in a wafer design. There is a possibility of manufacture of supports according to individual orders and with a depth of 20 m. the scope of the faceted conical supports of lighting highways intersections of streets and roads parks, yards and other territories and objects. Light weight. Esthetic appearance. High corrosion resistance of the coating. Long service life. Convenience in installation and maintenance. The possibility of the manufacture of supports according to individual parameters depending on the bearing load and climatic conditions. The ability to manufacture bearings with a deep OGK-OGK 7 20-8 20 o 9 20 o 10 20. The supports are made of sheet steel by bending one longitudinal welded seam is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing GOST 9307-89. This type of coating is decorative and is purely functional in nature. The warranty for corrosion resistance of at least 15 years. Bracket one - two - three - and chetyrehmetrovy is secured with eight screws. All hardware is galvanized or made of galvanized or stainless steel. Hot-dip galvanizing. The Foundation consists of laying of the Foundation metal and concrete. Type and size of the Foundation depends on the calculation of the chosen design supports. Note it is Possible to manufacture power poles OGK without flange according to special order. The factory reserves the right to make design changes without affecting the quality and technical specifications. Contacts Mail 219215-22-09 117485 G. Moskvu. Union 8432 page 14 Contacts 812748-28-53 USA, 603001 city of
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