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The water-gas galvanized pipe VGP GOST 3262-75 DU 100х4 long 11 meters in stock Faceted tapered supports, this design is intended for use as a side courtyard lighting Parking lots parks petrol stations and other open areas. Bracket for installation of the lamp crowning is located in the upper part of the frame a cord is supplied from under the ground. Poles OGK differ from each other in height, weight design and top diameter. There are markings from OGK-3 OGK-16 where the number denotes the height of the pole in meters and the letters the type of construction bearing tapered faceted. In addition there are varieties of OGK with a deep. Consider the type of the supports is characterized by such indicators OGK height from 3 to 16 meters thickness of steel plating from 3 to 4 millimeters has 8 faces corrosion-resistant coating made by the method of hot dip galvanizing. Bearing inside the hollow significantly reduces its weight facilitates transport and installation. Below is the full list of the main characteristics of supports faceted conical This kind of electric poles are widely spread not only in large cities but also in small towns. The low price of the construction and its installer did OGK popular solution for lighting commercial and communal commercial facilities such as playgrounds courtyards Parking lots, etc. The list of applications OGK below Free expert advice This is the easiest and fastest way to find out the price of products of interest Hot offer shares of the company Free consultation with specialists Manufacturer of custom metal products Department of workpieces and cutting metal to size The production of corrugated Board entire product is certified New York Pokrovka str. 21строение 2 location map
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