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Phones +1 212 290-31-30 +1 212 290-31-31 +1 212 290-31-32 Open mon-Fri c 900 to 1800 Decorative lighting poles are manufactured with one of two or more brackets which allows you to install multiple fixtures at the same time for better lighting of the space. Products meet the needs of demanding customers. This section presents support Recently concrete was used for the production of lighting poles. He had a number of disadvantages of lost pristine attractive cracked crumbled. Pillars was problematic to install. Over time the range has changed significantly. Today the market offers a wide selection of modern lighting poles. First, the range is divided according to the material, design and method of manufacture. Made of pipes of different diameters can withstand the power load 300 400 700 10001300 lbs. is Permissible to use the suspension cable network vulture. Metal supports are installed on the main roads depending on the load the main power cable of the suspension of the contact network for trolley buses and advertising. Corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing coating prolongs their performance. Faceted lighting poles produced by bending of sheet metal. Depending on the thickness of the initial preform are two kind faceted supports. Unarmed - used with underground supply and power cable. Power - designed for air suspension power cable with a SIP load. Differ by only one welded seam corrosion protection. The standard thickness of galvanized coating is usually equal to 100 MK. The protective layer is applied on the outside and inside metal supports which avoids permanent staining and extend the lifespan of minimum 50 years. In mounting the hatch are set to a single switch module with automatic switch of lighting equipment and terminal clips. Perfect for illuminating areas to sports palaces shopping malls where it is forbidden to use cables with a SIP spoiling an overview of the main building. Lighting poles steel popular and widespread. This is due to the wide range of advantages made of steel. Steel supports have Steel lighting poles covered with hot zinc coating that provides corrosion protection. Reliability of steel structures allows to minimize the damage which might be caused to passers-by vehicle and driver in case of an accident. When hitting or skidding directly on the prop it will not fall breaking off the wire or destroying the vehicle and absorbs the shock. Characterized by ease of installation design. For the production of
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