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Detailed form Company ROSA destroyer of the myth of expensive aluminum pole lighting which is actively supported by the Italian manufacturers. Price of seamless tapered bearings aluminium ROSA lower prices for the Italian counterparts of up to 30 % and comparable to the price of the American galvanized supports. When quality is confirmed by certificates ISO 9001 and EN-40. This strategy at the time led ROSA to a leadership position in Europe. ROSA - manufacturer of unique lighting poles made of metal stylized wrought iron.History 1992-establishment of the company ROSA in Poland. 1992 - development of technology of plastic supports. 1998 development of technology for aluminum type poles SAL. 2005 - establishment of subsidiary ROSA East to Smolensk exclusive distributor in the territory of the customs Union.Products Lighting products Park and outdoor anodized aluminum metal lighting poles lighting poles. Flagpoles poles for road signs. Street and Park lighting. Decorative elements introductory flaps anchor devices, etc. Advantages of ROSA - Long life up to 20 years. - High resistance to corrosion of aluminium, corrosion-resistant plastic support. - High aesthetics. - Minimum transport and installation costs close to zero operating costs. - Possibility of use in any climate zone. Tile marble granite Sanitary ware baths, basins Russia Ukraine You can also look for the brand ROSA in other sections of the portal message boards forums companies news articles and
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