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Support the main part of the power lines. Their quality and proper installation depends on performance functionality and safety lines. Installation of supports is performed using special equipment and by professionals using the handy and compact tool. The installation of supports should engage highly qualified specialists in the field of high-rise and installation works. Best choice industrial climbers who do not need a lot of time to install the prop and lighting equipment. To order the service company AlpStroyGroup specializing in all kinds of high-altitude works by phone.+1 212 419-00-57 +1 212 721-09-65 or email Before starting work, you must prepare a place to collect and raise the support to fix it and validate the installation. Supports must be placed strictly perpendicular to the alignment line. For the installation of wooden or concrete poles will need to dig a trench for the metal supports dig the Foundation pit and podnosniki. It is very important to correctly calculate the depth and width of pits. The main job of the climber in the process of installing floodlights on poles for lighting. The quality of the work depends on installation of electrical appliances and their connection to the network. The greatest challenge is the installation of metal lighting poles are heavier they require a certain caution in the work require an individual approach and special tools. Trusting the work to the climber, the customer is betting on low rates short term the lack of large machinery comprehensive service. The complexity and cost of the work is determined by the type of mounted equipment. There are the following types of supports By appointment distinguish intermediate angular support anchor and the end. 80-90% of all of the supports are intermediate. They are designed to keep wires and are not designed for the load of stringing wires along the line. The cost of the service depends on the number of type height mass supports the presence of additional works which need to hold on to the object attachment method. The exact price of the installation of lighting poles specialist AlpStroyGroup counts after the exit of the object. Approximate prices for the company's services can be viewed in the table. view full list of services If some prices there you can check with them by phone +1 212 419-00-57 +1 212 721-09-65 Our contacts Call +1 212 419-00-57 +1 212 721-09-65 You now inconvenient to call Write on e-mail we will reply promptly Work performed by industrial climbers Altitude services who provide the staff AlpStroyGroup
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