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Manufacture and sale of bearings of mast exterior lighting. The range of support cone faceted tubular. Galvanized Aluminum Composite fiberglass metal Plastic sconce lamps korenstein Flaps TV-2-1 TB-2-1. Shipping Production of metal poles for outdoor lighting of power lines, etc . krugosvetka. No welded joints. Any color anodizing and polymeric coating. Garden plastic lighting design. With any kinds of brackets and lighting fixtures at Your discretion. Manufacturer's warranty 24 months. The period of operation at least 59 years. The period of manufacturing of the order of 2-3 weeks, the New lighting poles fiberglass composite With a variable cross section diameter. Lightness Strength Durability Low price Details we have on the site. Full booklet 21Мб. the range of products sent by post. Send a request in free form. New York, Ozernaya str 42. 72129790640 79104455079 applications cottages Shopping Centers, historical and architectural estate playgrounds leisure and entertainment zone etc. Flagpoles from the company portfolio Alumasc COMPOSITE-Superwindtracker Vinder Wing, etc. Unfortunately no one has left comments on this page. The use of any services provided by this website constitutes acceptance of terms of use and acceptance of the terms of this agreement. All logos and trademarks on the website are the property of their
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