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Aluminum feet for furniture are not only functional load but also give elegance and expressive style. The Greek company is famous for its huge selection of furniture legs which can be matched to any style from classic to modern. They have the highest quality as it is made of durable materials. Below in the gallery You can view all the available legs and also to study the production of furniture legs The price for the products is around Legs made of aluminium are device fixture furniture and provide the best possible interaction between the elements in the room. They are a necessity for convenience in life and secure mounting. Our company offers You qualitative and functional aluminum legs and also a reliable plastic feet which will help to realize any design decisions. They are used for reliability and strength and for decoration of furniture. In addition with the metal legs can dramatically change the appearance of furniture, its shape and size. Every day we increase the variety of furniture supports which are used in the manufacture of furniture of any class. One of the main features of our products is the prevention of penetration of moisture which contributes to the durability of the floor covering and prevent the formation of bubbles. Such material as aluminum by itself has many advantages. It is characterized by resistance to external influences, corrosion, temperature durability, reliability and durability with ease. In addition, aluminium is perfectly combined among themselves and with other materials in the case of items of furniture and can also be painted in any colour including gloss or Matt finishes. If You still think aluminum legs buy from us or not then we will list especially for You a number of advantages If You wish to buy inexpensive furniture legs to make an order or to get more information about a product presented in our company then call us on +1212 773 41
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