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Support OS-04-90 Hz 40 pieces for the price of 31 300 USD. with VAT. Delivery in New York for FREE The safe movement of people and vehicles at night, provide street lights. They are installed on outdoor lighting poles which are used in some cases Before you buy lighting poles need to calculate the following parameters Outdoor lighting poles should correspond to the established Standards. On design features they are divided into aluminum and steel. To protect the product from exposure to adverse external factors, it is covered with anti-corrosion hot-dipped galvanized. Shelf life of such lampposts in New York reaches 30 years. At the request of the customer designs can be coated with paints which significantly increases their service life. Outdoor lighting poles are divided into 2 types Features supports installation of external lighting have their nuances The company set'svet offers its customers to buy lighting poles presented in the catalog in a huge variety of types and configurations. You can choose the options that will be a reliable base for any type of street lights and lamps. We sell reinforced concrete steel lighting poles at prices from the manufacturer. Call us by phones specified on the website or send a request by e-mail. 2010-2017 © set'svet E-mail Name Contact phone E-mail Message Verification code
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