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Metal working of any complexity We operate from 900 to 1700 MON-FRI Download price list The detailed specifications Tapered octagonal supports OGC is designed to accommodate lighting fixtures installation of information boards and advertising hoardings. The barrel support is made of bent steel sheet with a thickness of 3-6 mm United longitudinal weld. The lamps are mounted to brackets the number of arms 1-4 and extension arms. The surface of the post is treated by hot galvanizing. Installation is performed in two ways depending on the type of design. Flanged bearing is fastened to the supporting flange of the laying element is concreted into the pit. Promotechina bearing is installed in a pit which is filled with concrete. The depth of the underground part is 2 meters elevated from 4 to 16 meters. The benefits of long term operation of high corrosion resistance up to 20 years of robust construction easy maintenance. The web form was not found. © 2017 KB Service New York, Izhorskaya str., 8 p. 2 Reproduction of material is permitted only with reference to this
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