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Price 15860 R. Buy Alphanumeric designation OGC Support Faceted Conical. 8 the height of the support. f flange connection supports and laying element of the Foundation Equipment support 4 pieces - Bolt 20 4 PCs. - Nut 20 8 PCs - Washers 8 PCs - Bolt 810 Metal faceted tapered supports robust design for installation of street lighting. Support OGK-8F have a presentable appearance and a long service life due to the method of hot dip galvanizing the support will last without rusting for at least 15 years. They are used to install lighting on pedestrian streets bridges Central roads secondary roads and intersections. The territories of urban parks and gardens, residential courtyards and cottage settlements SNT car parks and petrol stations gas station street cafes and fast food restaurants children's educational institutions. Support conical form OGC-8 are made of sheet gracepoint steel sheet thickness of 4 mm sheet cut in a strip strips a trapezoidal shape longitudinally bent on the bending machine weld to boil along one edge further subject to the protection from external environmental influences by hot dip galvanization metal GOST 9307.-89 or a powder paint according to customer's request. Galvanizing as the coating surface of the support is not purely decorative and serves to protect the metal structure from corrosion. Guarantee period corrosion resistance galvanized support for at least 15 years. Among the most common are the octagonal supports of OGC. The number of faces suggests the optimal combination of strength and stability of the structure with aesthetic appearance. Wrap the power supply cable to placed on a pole lighting devices implemented inside the support due to the hollow barrel lighting post. All this has a positive effect on ease of transportation and installation as well as cost to the design. Faceted tapered supports OGC is intended solely for cable routing under the ground. For cable routing in the fixture Foundation supports FM there are openings for input and output of the group of the feeding cables to a lighting post. In the above-ground part of the structure is a flap of the internal audit service window which provides easy access for installation and maintenance of electrical switching devices the switching box. Flange connection facilitates installation support which is installed on a prepared Foundation using the supplied nuts bolts washers of the right size. Our company supplies this kind of supports in the set of base + Foundation + fasteners. But does not rule out the delivery of individual elements in
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