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Нашиampnbspтелефоны 8ampnbsp212ampnbsp988-ampnbsp34-ampnbsp09 Our address 109382 New York, street Lublin d 72 Driving directions Metalloinvest and NLMK renew the contract The agreement between TMK and Gazprom Producers and consumers of aluminium discussed issues Installation of fences of corrugated Board The specialists of Internet will perform the installation of a fence of corrugated Board on a professional level and in the shortest possible time. Our team has the experience necessary knowledge and the appropriate tool. Metal sheds with your own hands Metal sheds with your own hands is quite possible if a responsible approach to the organization of the process and choose high quality materials but guarantees minimal time spending and efforts spent as well as confidence in complete safety self-production of course nobody will. Electroplating Electroplating is an event for the Nickel plating to chrome plating the plating anodizing metal parts plating on steel... Internet the company produces metal structures of various types and one of the varieties of products of PTL metal towers and their price depends on such characteristics as A separate category of anchor supports used in laying of transmission lines through various obstacles engineering structures. The company implements Internet metal lighting poles are presented in a great selection and different democratic prices. Manufactured by using the method of rolling of the sheet with a thickness of 3 4 mm they are used for General lighting of roads and streets. Motorway and junction road railway stations and airports, harbours and ports stadiums and squares these and many other objects today can not do without these modern designs. For more information please contact our managers by phone 8212 988-34-09. Lighting poles made of metal became widespread mainly due to the numerous advantages of concrete structures before Electrical equipment and wiring are placed in the inner cavity of the support and its height can vary between 3 to 15 meters. For manufacture of metal lighting poles used are steel or aluminum. Lighter and versatile and are considered to be aluminum construction. They have an impressive lifespan of about 60 years, Thanks to a special coating they can be set on the basis of concrete and use in direct contact with the ground. In addition aluminum support can be operated in almost any wind zone. Steel plates have outstanding corrosion protection. They are very reliable and
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