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The construction of new buildings, roads, highways and other facilities is not without installation of lighting fixtures. In the construction phase lighting allows for round the clock work that significantly reduces time costs. During the subsequent operation of the object properly organized lighting is the key to safety and comfort. In order to achieve a high level of visibility necessary lighting poles used for mounting various light sources. When buying lighting poles, many consumers usually faced with the problem of choice. Because each type has its own characteristics which not many people know. include id=1 title=Is in the text Support street lighting can be divided into two main groups depending on the material from which they are made. Depending on the purpose of the outdoor lighting poles are divided into several types For lighting a large area it is better to use a mast the height of which is selected depending on the intended purpose of the structure. The barrel is usually done in the form of a tubular round or faceted tapered supports. The modern market presents two types of masts Installation of lighting poles may begin only after obtaining permission for laying electric cables as in the works there is a great risk of damaging existing utilities. To do this you must create a project which would take into account all the factors such as the topography required illumination power of the lamp wire and the total length of line and submit it to the relevant authorities. include id=2 title=Is in the text After approval of the project in the designated area with the help of a level and mark the location of the masts or supports. You can now proceed to the preparation of trenches for laying cable. If you plan to use armored cable then the prepared depth of the trench should not be less than 800 mm from the surface of the earth. In the case of the use of power cable, this value increases depending on the surrounding terrain up to 1250 mm. the trench is laid a sand layer with a thickness of about 150 mm and carefully shed water. After this, the sand must be compacted before a layer of 100 mm. Now you can start preparing the ground where you plan to install lampposts. For that, prepare a square hole 1000x1000 mm and a depth of 1200 mm in the center of which proveryaetsya hole depth of 1000 mm and a width equal to the diameter of the support is increased by 100 mm. And concrete and steel lighting poles after installation in the pit definitely filled with concrete. The solution should fill the hole and the entire hole to a height of 200 mm to form a concrete slab holding the prop. Fully pit
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