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Activity Mast lighting poles masts, metal fences Address Russia, New York, Ozernaya St. 46 korp. 2 Phone E-mail SALES DEPARTMENT +1 999 7681277 send email The website Updated data 2017-03-15 The company on the American market since 2002, offering high quality domestic production to the highest standards and best prices. Professional competence of specialists backed up by tangible results operational cooperation with specialists from various companies has allowed us to gain a leading position on the market of metal structures and become partners, both American and foreign firms. with great performance steel our standard products, and constantly in demand on the market. Specializing in the production of steel structures for enterprises of transport and communication equipment for industrial enterprises Setuntransstroiservis became the leader in Russia in the field of design for transport. All constructions are produced according to well-established technologies with the best technical characteristics. The price on the American market one of the lowest. Buy order products with delivery to Russia can be making a request to our managers. Welcome to the area of reliability and quality Due to the high quality products we give our customers confidence in the future . Waiting for your orders always Hope for a long term relationship. Sincerely team Setuntransstroiservis Setuntransstroiservis, MOSCOW 2002 - 2017 the sales Department +1 9997681277 e-mail
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