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8 800 555 41 44пн - Fri 1000 to 1800 Installation of street lighting one of the priority directions of development of sports cities and architectural sites as well as roads and pedestrian areas. It would seem street lighting poles familiar component of the urban landscape easy and effective way to make our lives more convenient and safer. However, the apparent simplicity hides a complex engineering structure. Different types of lighting poles offered by company ABC Light allow to solve wide range of problems. In order to avoid confusion in a variety of forms and materials from which they are made, let's try to understand what are support than mast lighting is different from the pillars and how much it costs to buy the support of lighting in New York and other cities. Fundamental differences between the mast and the pole no. That is another kind of design carries a supporting function of the lamp. But to assume that the mast is a high reliance on which is mounted lighting equipment. Usually mast mounted on large areas such as The height of the structure is chosen individually for each project and depends on the area covering climate, landscape and geographical conditions. In simple words mast lighting is the older brother among lighting lighting poles which cost much higher than the usual post. Another thing is the lighting poles. Such designs can be found everywhere roads car parks playgrounds street lighting in residential areas. The height of such poles and a small area of illumination is small and hence the very lighting support price and costs managemont less than using the mast. No matter unique or typical lighting support she needs to meet the requirements of safety and to fulfill the main function of the support of lighting equipment. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques to fully abide by the state standards GOST and construction norms and rules SNiP. In today's world, lighting support complex composite structure which is made from various materials such as But today the concrete of the inferior metal and the aluminum supports and the tree despite its low price is only good for temporary communication. Technology manufacturing and installation of light poles has leaped forward. The use of tubular or faceted poles due to less weight and longer service life. The metals used in the production of resistant dermonecrosis and have excellent hydrostatically. In this connection there is no
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