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Address 125190 New York Aya 85 research Institute for AI or the company Intellitek In the contest of the Thesis is devoted to the 50th anniversary research areas Artificial intelligence and the memory of the outstanding American scientist L. T., a Cousin of our fellow A. A. Lipatov was awarded first prize and diploma for protected recently the thesis Ph. E. A. Sidorov defended thesis on Methods and software tools to analyze documents based on the domain model Read more... Read all interview... Lighting poles street lighting should not only be functional but also to be decorative elements of the urban or suburban landscape Today, landscaping in the cities and in other cities, towns and recreation areas and resorts as well as in suburban homes given great importance. Among all other ways of improvement of the lighting is perhaps one of the most important since street lighting not so much creates the appearance of how much ensures the safety of people in the dark. However, carrying an important function in night time lighting fixtures in the daytime should not be in dissonance with the General landscape of the city or other locality and Vice versa to be one of harmonious elements in the overall picture of urban or rural landscapes. Therefore, the appearance of street lamps is given considerable importance. One of the main components of lighting design is the reliance which can be standard or decorative forms. The height of lighting poles may depend on the quality of the area lighting but if lighting poles to perform extraordinary shapes that they are perfectly emphasize the originality of the design area. At all lighting poles are wooden, concrete and metal. To date, any of the listed materials may be used for the manufacture of supports street lamps httpwww.allfresco.comcatalog2. For example originally made lighting poles made of wood is decorated with a rustic landscape and seamlessly merge with the surrounding nature. But in the cities and other settlements decided to install a concrete or steel lighting poles produced commercially. Such lighting poles compared to the wooden supports practical and have greater reliability and durability. It is worth noting that the metal lighting poles httpwww.allfresco.comcatalog25 confidently replacing concrete counterparts. Due to the fact that on the one hand lighting poles made of metal pipes with open space for design ideas and the other has a large reserve of strength and reliability. Steel or aluminum lighting poles usually
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