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For the organization of lighting in the parks, gardens, Parking lots and on urban roads bridges apply force-free lighting poles OGK multifaceted. In our catalogue presents a wide range of this type of support with the installation of in-ground and flanged. OGK supports are made of sheet steel thickness of the sheet is 310 mm. Hot-dip galvanizing protects the metal from corrosion. The layer thickness is 70 µm. Thanks to surface support for 30 years protected from environmental influences. Perhaps an additional coating of paint. The cross section of these poles of the polyhedron. Lighting poles WGC are multifaceted in length from 3 to 16 m in diameter from 60 to 100 mm. They have a relatively low weight which facilitates installation and simplifies transportation. Pramocaine support is designed for installation directly into the ground, followed by pouring concrete. Flanged lighting poles are mounted on the Foundation. They are bolted to the metal element of the Foundation. To the supports can be mounted mnogorozhkovye brackets. We are engaged in manufacturing these products so our prices lower than Resellers. Buying support from the manufacturers, you save 10% from the average value. It is easy to calculate the benefits when ordering wholesale quantities. When you go to the page selected in the support directory you will be able to see the detailed description. Please note that we have, you can immediately order and delivery. After using this service you will save your time in search of suitable transport. Questions range Need our help in choosing the Required quantity of lighting poles, Refer to our specialists in the specified phone numbers. Leave your details and we will offer You individual
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