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Wish to submit your application to or call us Send Lighting poles and metal lighting poles galvanized is made on a metallurgical plant UVALDA technical conditions. Support there are several types of round round conical octagonal-cone. Used in the following areas and fields of activity for lighting Central roads interchanges bridges, streets, yards, parks, squares, stadiums, Parking lots, warehouses marinas gas stations, filling stations for road signs traffic lights signs and signals for flagpoles and lightning do not require the use of braces Park alleys tennis courts, playgrounds and sports grounds, the suburban areas of territories of warehouses and requires lighting areas. The following types - support round FROM OT1 OT2 OT3 OTF OKS, Oxford OCC Occf OS, OSF - bearing octagonal conical OGK Ogx OGDCL NFG SVN. They are an excellent analog of the large concrete pillars as well as a costly alternative to aluminum and decorative. They have a little weight reduced transport costs for the installation of up to seven meters, there is no need to use additional lifting mechanisms of the crane thereby accelerating installation time and minimises installation costs. For each business entity you can pick up some lighting poles metal, depending on prices and anti-corrosion coatings Galvanized lighting poles are used as lighting products for roads, Parking lots gas stations. Metal lighting poles are used for installation in parks of residential areas which require an attractive appearance It is possible to manufacture not standard supports according to drawings and customer's requirements we provide services for preparing drawings. A lighting support galvanized to purchase at wholesale price at a metallurgical plant UVALDA by phone or order via email Online ordering. Degtyarsk +1 34397 6-12-13 Ekaterinburg +1 343 22-7777-1 Surgut +1 346 231-77-10 Chelyabinsk +1 351751-11-21 Tyumen +1 3452 608-980 Nizhny Novgorod +1 831 235-03-17 Perm +1 342 299-48-35 Ufa +1 347 266-7-444 Saint Petersburg +1 812 309-8-123 New York +1 499 350-24-65 Novosibirsk +1 383 227-85-13 Volgograd +1 844 245-97-35 Krasnoyarsk +1 391 989-53-25 Khabarovsk +1 421 292-95-81 Voronezh +1 473 2009-361 Rostov-on-don +1 863 333-51-07 Simferopol +1 3652 671-338 c 2015-2016 METALLURGICAL PLANT UVALDA Manufacture and sale of metal products Copying of materials is prohibited under the civil code of the American Federation Factory address 623270 Sverdlovsk region, Degtyarsk Kalinina str., 31A Phone plant 8-800-200-99-71 +1 343 22-7777-1 E-mail Skype ICQ
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