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For the streets of a big city is of great importance to the quality modern and stylish lighting that will be able to ensure the safety of citizens and become a real decoration of the city streets. For the proper organization of street lighting requires a special lighting system. The main component of the traditional lighting system is a lighting device a lamp or floodlight mounted on lampposts. Lighting devices for lighting the city streets are called outdoor lighting fixtures or street lamps. The main characteristics that distinguish street lights from lighting to room lighting Another important component of greater part of the installations for street lighting is the pillar on which rests the lamp of street lighting. Support in the broadest sense is the construction for supporting and retaining an object in a constant position. The support is part of any object bearing the brunt of other parts and which forms the basis for them. The supports are very different. Support is the Foundation of building bridges supports supports supports carrying a power line transmission lines. Reliance lighting is part of lighting installations support luminaires floodlights and other lighting devices. Lighting poles are designed for lighting roads, highways sports facilities streets parks parks office shopping centers restaurants petrol stations, residential estates and many other objects. Lighting poles are represented on the site are divided into the following groups Manufacture and supply of steel towers lighting is the main direction of activity of our company. Metal lighting systems are divided into steel and aluminum. The advantage of steel posts is that they imply the possibility of painting. This greatly expands both aesthetic and practical potential of steel lighting poles. The main advantage of aluminum lighting design is extremely lightweight making it cheaper and easier transportation and installation. All metal lighting poles have a high resistance to aggressive media and critical temperature regimes which makes possible their use in difficult climatic conditions of our country. Each of these groups of lighting poles has many advantages and can be effectively applied in many areas of our life. Up to a certain time in our country to support lighting used concrete or reinforced concrete pillars. Lighting columns modern manufacturers are made of more
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