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In Your order there are no items. Street lighting plays a special role in the architecture and infrastructure of modern cities. That is why the question of installation and the type of lighting poles is given special attention. Street lighting ensures comfort and safety for the residents of the city significantly reduces the risk of injury and improve the aesthetic characteristics of the city. In the presented catalog you can find the main types of products and purchase them at competitive prices. Lighting poles in the catalog of the website is available in several basic variations Lighting poles can be as a budget and quite expensive. The cost of the items largely depends on the following components Lighting poles require special installation which must be done by professionals. The installation of the supports includes several main stages When designing it is important to consider the topography of the required power of the installed equipment, the lighting of the square the length of the cable paths. Note that electricity can be supplied for suspended in the air and the wires in the standard way by laying the cable. From the technology of power supplies will depend on the installation conditions of support structures. Want to buy or need advice - call +1 499 702-40-78 +1 212 500-61-92 or write to See also © 2013 - 2017 - energy-efficient Modern technology - TPK Seth WebCanape - website promotion Office 105523 New York Schelkovskoe highway d. 100 Telephonefax +1 499 702-40-78 +1 212 500-61-92 Mail
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