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Multichannel FREE +1212961-28-55 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1812309-72-82 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1343318-01-84 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1831429-07-18 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1486244-26-34 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1861203-37-18 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1471277-00-94 +8-800-200-41-04 Multichannel FREE +1342201-72-85 +8-800-200-41-04 Many street lights installed with the help of special racks and lighting poles or wrought-iron lampposts. Thus it is possible to create even illumination diffused natural light which is necessary on roads and in pedestrian zones. Street lamp posts types and features To determine the size of the hole for the pole needs to know the depth of frost penetration. In New York and the New York region of the poles occurs at a depth of 120 cm and in the Northern parts of this option increases significantly - up to 250 cm height of the lamp post above ground level directly affects the angle of the light but to determine the exact radius necessary to know not only the height of each support. Important height where you will install the light poles, power intensity and brightness of the used light source. Only comparing each of the characteristics it is possible to avoid the formation of blind spots where the light will not fall. The type of soil directly depends on the form of embedded items. Their size depends on the stability of each support. But all of these anchor bolts will not be ugly to hang around on the surface. They are covered with decorative elements. The special protective coating allows the use of lampposts for decades. Despite the fact that the installation of wrought-iron lampposts is not associated with great difficulties only experts can accurately determine the depth of the number of lamps and other parameters. The best solution for efficient lighting would be to buy a lamp-post in the company producing installation and having a wide range of street lights. We not only offer the best prices on lampposts but also carried out the installation of these items of street lighting. Brackets are an important element in the design of street light poles lamps and lanterns. They represent an independent component of the support or construction by means of which the street lights are mounted on walls columns facades of houses, lampposts, etc. Gigalight company offers a large variety of brackets for garden lamps and lanterns. In our catalogue you can find the brackets under the exterior lighting which is different in size type of mounting execution of the design. Modern and secure our brackets will serve you for years to beautifying a Park, garden or square. If earlier
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