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Let's execute installation of indoor and outdoor lighting. For street lighting we provide installation of lampposts installed lamps is engaged in the construction of air and cable networks. Thanks to the extensive experience we carry out installation of facilities of various sizes - from small sites which require installation of several lighting posts to long stretches of blocks. Below we present the prices of our work and examples of work performed. Installation of street lighting Workshop lighting has a high tours for installation in warehouses Our staff pomohou to upgrade the lighting in the office Another report on installation works on installation of the luminaires in the office Proposed to install lighting poles. Workshop lighting has vypolnila work on the installation of lighting in the Parking lot - the Parking lot, ZAO Genser. Workshop lighting carried out the installation in the sports hall of the Federal rehabilitation center. Workshop lighting carried out the installation of track lights in the apartment-Museum. Workshop lighting can install lighting in the hockey arena. We will install lighting poles in accordance with the standards in the sports industry and place them on suitable floodlights Installation of large chandeliers is usually straightforward. Design and installation of street lighting is the brand of our company. We perform installation of objects of various sizes - from small sites which require installation of several lighting posts to long stretches of blocks. Below we present photos of the installation of the lighting system on Lake street. The installation of lighting was complicated by the functioning of the Parking area of the shopping center. Originally the hostess had planned to do a lush front landscape lighting the site. OOO Masterskaya svetotekhniki became a partner of the landscape studios Four seasons conducting the site landscaping. We conducted a complex of works proektah assist with the delivery of equipment and performed electrical installation coverage area. The photo of the work conducted by Nazar Marchenko, with the assistance of Constantine Drabiny. The timing of the installation work on site was divided for a long time. Was used to strip cables and after the completion of the landscape improvement works - installation of lighting commissioning. Installation work on landscape lighting was carried out according to the lighting project. We performed full complex of works on the lighting and tried not to disturb the landscape infrastructure. Work is performed accurately and efficiently. Four lighting groups operate in automatic mode
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