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Request a call Furniture support is a critical component of furniture design which helps to solve applied problems and acts as a decorative element. Furniture legs provide structural stability and protect flooring from damage. In the process of furniture design the weight is evenly distributed on all legs at the same time each of them can withstand up to 75 kg. The support often includes a built-in adjustable mechanism which can be used to hide uneven flooring. At its conch usually are special protectors designed to avoid damaging the floor when moving furniture. The supporting elements for furniture designs may vary on the following parameters The most popular was the prop made from aluminum. It has high strength and ruggedness also perfectly fits in a modern interior. The company Furnitu offers a wide range of furniture support elements are made according to modern technologies in our own production. In the process of production we use high quality raw materials and innovative design and advanced equipment. Each leg is characterized by strength durability and excellent performance. Addressing the specialists of the company Furnitu, you can always count on a rapid checkout high quality performance and competitive price When using materials from the site is required to specify a direct link to the source. Attention Prices on this website are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is not a public offer defined by positions of Article 437 2 of the Civil code of the American Federation.
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