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To paraphrase a famous furniture classics of the support is not a luxury but a means of transportation elements of the interior space. Furniture legs not only perform a decorative function, emphasizing the intent of the designer but also help to solve applied problems. Decorative furniture legs can be any shapes round oval rectangular cone-shaped curved curly angular and others. In addition, they can have wheels or built-in adjustment mechanism which implies the existence of helical or static stand. Colors of furniture fittings is striking bronze aluminium Satnam classic shiny and brushed chrome, beige, brown, black, etc. each type has its advantages. For example, a support made of chrome-plated steel does not corrode so is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. Aluminum prop will be a wonderful addition to the interior is made of glass and metal. If You decide to purchase furniture accessories from a company in the 21st CENTURY select the items in the catalog send them to the Cart and proceed to checkout. If you have any questions call our experts by phone +1 212 787-47-32 +1 212 979-49-42 +1 212 545-10-36. New York Dmitrovskoe of highway der. Fungi D. 64 B Detailed
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