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Our phone +1 343 346-35-10 The group of companies Binarnego produces soft power lighting poles types MK NPG NFG NPK NFK OGC OGCC IT FROM the ONT OPT designed for lighting of city streets parks parks playgrounds stores and shopping centers. It is also used for lighting roads and bridges from I to VII wind areas according to SNiP 2.01.07-85 Loads and impacts. Soft power is different from power support so that they can not be suspended because of the load self-supporting insulated wires SIP. The cable inlet is carried out by underground method. Also limited the weight of the colocated equipment from 20 to 70 kg depending on the type and height of the soft-support. Depending on the forms of support they are divided into tubular kruglolesskoye and faceted. Each type of non-violent supports has its own characteristics optimally corresponding to the specificity of an object Our company produces and sells more than 15 types of non-violent supports. Depending on the type of support we produce sheet products with thickness 34 mm faceted and kruglogorski supports and 58 mm for the tubular supports. All surfaces of the supports are anti-corrosion treatment by hot dip galvanizing according to GOST 9.307-89. Coating thickness from 70 to 120 µm that allows you to operate the prop up to 30 years without the restoration of the protective coating. Directory Request prices on lighting poles Call namolennoy office in Columbus +1 343 346-35-10Представительство in New York +1 499 380-66-85 or request a call back Send your application attaching project documentation or email Gallery of manufactured lighting poles Our production 10 km from Columbus. 40 000 sq m of industrial premises and warehouses © Group of companies, Binarnego. Produce and supply products to 300 companies in USA and CIS countries. Geography New York St.-Petersburg Ekaterinburg in Central USA, Ural Federal district Plano, Palmdale, Macon, Magnitogorsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region Tatarstan Bashkortostan in the southern Federal district Miami, Fort Wayne, Newark, the Crimea and CIS countries California California California. Work with leading transport and logistics companies. Delivery is possible both by road and rail. Prices and cost of delivery specify at our managers Our company has been operating for over 14 years and during that time has established itself as one of the leading industrial associations in the field of engineering production and supply of metal energy and oil and gas equipment as well as their own line of semitrailers for various purposes. Production and office in Columbus +1 343 346-35-10 infobinarenergo.EN 623700, Berezovsky Klary Tsetkin str. 69 The branch in New York +1 499 380-66-85
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