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LOOK no FURTHER gtgt LOOK no FURTHER gtgt Installation of lighting poles metal and concrete supports The company DEALSWE offers quality and reliable components street lighting poles concrete concrete poles and metal mast arms and bases. We work in the field of wholesale trade for many years has a stable and established relationships with major manufacturers for street lighting so we can offer our customers prompt delivery and low prices on concrete pillars lighting masts brackets and metal supports. Exterior lighting of streets is crucial to the traffic safety of vehicles on the road and move pedestrians along the boardwalk sidewalks, green areas and residential areas. Particularly relevant this issue is in the autumn-winter and spring season when due to heavy rainfall the roadway and sidewalks become slippery and pose a risk to human health. In this well-thought-out scheme street lighting not only performs a protective and aesthetic function, complementing and beautifying the urban landscape. Regardless of the functional purpose of street illumination shall comply with the following criteria of longevity and high durability, attractive design, efficiency and optimum power. The use of concrete reinforced concrete and metal poles for street lighting A lighting support metal pole in concrete and mast all of these mounting devices are of different length diameter and are used for different purposes. For example, the lighting towers are a structure with a length of from 15 to 40 meters and serve as supporting elements for lighting stadiums, airports, motorways and main roads of the industrial enterprises and other objects which require high-quality lighting. In the process of production of lighting poles for such large objects is provided by their additional protection which can be implemented at the expense of hot or cold dip galvanizing and the application of special anti-corrosion and vandal-resistant covering. Mast osvedomitelley in the form of a polyhedron and can be fitted with a crown with different number of fasteners for mounting lighting fixtures. Along with the mast of urban lighting to maintain adequate visibility on the road in the dark support is used reinforced concrete or metal. It can help to illuminate how a major highway or ring road and roads of General purpose. Currently, the greatest demand is for lighting poles metal and concrete with a length from 7 to 15 meters. Low metal supports
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