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OOO Рейтсwww.a-fence.gimoka St. Krasnobogatyrskaya 2s office 12. Tel Fax +1 499 703-30-20Казань St. Hippodrome 1399 office 34g. Tel Fax +1 843 267-50-09 843 277-08-97Санкт-Peterbrough Marshala Novikova, house 28A. Tel Fax +1 925 418-19-73skype oooreits icq 627531122 e-mail This email address is protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks to its graceful conical form aluminium poles have excellent decorative appearance and equally suitable for installation on the highways of Central settlements and their suburbs. Especially beautiful and will look harmoniously lights on aluminum poles in the historic areas of cities against the background of non-standard architecture of buildings in parks and gardens in places of mass festivities at the stadiums, malls, etc. Aluminum feet can be called universal in its purpose because they can be suspended as a single lighting devices in the form of lamps so that dual is more decorative and aesthetic effect. Also on the supports of aluminum can be mounted metal halide floodlights to create flood lighting which is important for maintenance of specially protected and sensitive sites of car Parking stations, marinas and airports. And also aluminum poles can be mounted led lights. Buy Aluminum poles are possibly different required for specific options diameters. The installation of the supports is the creation of reinforced concrete footings, sometimes for these purposes, connect the anchor device. Our company offers to buy aluminium poles high quality manufacturer for the organization of lighting for different purposes with maximum comfort and reliability. The goods are shipped from a warehouse in New York, Kazan and delivered to the customer's door in any city of Russia including New York, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Lipetsk, Kemerovo, Abakan terrible Anadyr Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Belgorod, Birobidzhan, Blagoveshchensk, Bryansk, Veliky Novgorod Vladivostok Vladikavkaz Dzaudzhikau Vladimir Volgograd Vologda Voronezh Smolensk-Gorno-Altaisk terrible Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Kirov, Kostroma Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Kurgan Kursk Lipetsk Kyzyl Magadan Magas Maikop Makhachkala, Murmansk, Nalchik Naryan-Mar-Kaliningrad New York Saint Petersburg Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Salekhard, Omsk, Orel, Orenburg, Penza, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Pskov, Rostov-on-Donu Ryazan Samara Saransk Saratov Stavropol Syktyvkar Tambov, Tver, Tomsk, Tula, Tyumen, Ulan-Ude, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Khanty-Mansiysk Cheboksary Chelyabinsk Chita Cherkessk Elista
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