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Home gt Manufacturers gt gt Valmont Aluminum lighting poles Valmont company following the demand of lighting market has developed and launched a range of lighting poles made from aluminium. High interest in aluminum supports is associated with the following advantages Application used in lighting streets, roads parks, squares, stadiums, petrol stations Parking lots industrial facilities. Manufacturer VALMONT Poland Price Call 8212565-35-40 manufactured according to standard EN-40 defining the most important technical indicators of this equipment. The use of the latest production technology - method protivochumnoe indentation and the use of the unique qualitative characteristics of the material used - aluminium, ensures that the supports high elasticity strength resistance to wind and vibration loads other negative environmental influences. An important advantage of these supports is their high passive safety. In the case of accidents involving such structures, they do not create an additional threat to the life and health of people, damage vehicles when falling on the contrary serve as a buffer mitigating the impact and possible damage. High aesthetic properties of aluminum pillars are supplemented by the possibility of painting in any color according to RAL powder or hydrodynamic method and anodizing. Anodizing is a special electrolytic process during which the barrel support is covered with a flame coating with the result that the bearing gets extra protection from the influence of harmful factors of the external environment and acquires certain shades of color depending on the specified conditions of the anodizing process. see also plastoc SIRIUS P Architectural lighting is one of the most popular at present trends in street lighting and lighting design. It is written is determined by the twofold nature of its application. On the one hand it's aesthetics create a foreseeable beauty of buildings and other objects, the transformation of an ordinary city streets in paintings creating a unique visual experience and
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