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Sign up for our newsletter and get discounts up to 50% and receive a discount on your first order Office in New York +1 212 662-98-25 | E-Mail Aluminium poles The base aluminum supports Brackets for aluminum Top of the aluminum supports OCC-1 OCC-15 OCC-26 Top for aluminum poles OCC-27 OCC-16 OCC-3 OCC-28 OCC-17 OCC-4 OCC-29 OCC-18 OCC-5 OCC-30 OCC-19 OCC-6 OCC-31 OCC-20 OCC-32 OCC-7 OCC-21 OCC-33 OCC-8 OCC-22 OCC-34 OCC-9 OCC-23 OCC-10 OCC-35 OCC-24 OCC-11 OCC-36 OCC-25 OCC-12 OCC-37 AND-2 Round with flange OCC-13 OCC-38 AND-3 Round with flange OCC-14 OCC-39 AND-4 Round flange OCC-40 AND-5 Round with flange Bearing round tapered aluminum AND OCC-41 AND-6 Round with flange OCC-42 AND-7 with Round flange To replace concrete poles in street lighting over time come metal construction. Their development and production is one of priority directions of the company Svetorezerv for many years. Aluminum lighting poles are necessary for the open spaces of city streets and parks Parking area. They are also used in suburban areas and in villages. The main purpose of the supports out of aluminum to support the lights and floodlights street lights. Aluminum Park lighting poles for lamps and street lights have many advantages. They are light and aesthetics with convenience in transportation and installation without special equipment. Aluminum constructions are resistant to aggressive environment. Also they are characterized by high mechanical strength. Another important advantage of aluminum poles for outdoor lighting is that you can recycle them which means safety for the environment. To enhance anti-corrosive properties of aluminum it is anodized. It helps to enhance the decorative features of lighting columns to change the color design of this metal. Lighting aluminium constructions made by rolling the pipe. Using this technology creates one-piece construction with a predetermined taper her. In addition they serve aesthetic functions thanks to the beautiful raised patterns in the shape of flowers leaves etc In the product catalog Svetorezerv you will find Query the price list on the website store Svetorezerv listing price for all interested in aluminum poles and other products required for lighting. There are several reasons for which to buy the necessary aluminum lighting poles best online store Svetorezerv Svetorezerv is a market leader in lighting products in Russia. Buying aluminium poles on the website you can choose the best one. Contact the consultants via the feedback form or order a call and we will help make
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