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Aluminum feet for furniture is not just functional item for which few people pay attention. On the contrary, such supports add grace such a familiar piece of furniture. This kind of legs will be perfectly combined with furniture of different styles and most importantly, they perfectly perform their primary support missions. In our gallery you can thoroughly examine the offered products Our company is engaged in manufacturing as production models, legs for furniture as well as individual samples on order from Your sketches or drawings. An incredibly broad range of products turns the Furniture company a foothold in one of the market leaders in the supply of furniture legs the largest furniture manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries. The price ranges in the area of 90-400 USD. The price of prop furniture al depends on the height of rivet nuts form the base colors of the execution of the thickness of the metal. Products of high strength and reliability Presenting your attention the aluminum legs of the two types of cross sections - square and circle. Square support А176 А177 have in cross section the dimensions of 25 x 25 mm 38 x 38 mm 40 x 40 mm. Round А175 legs in cross section have a diameter of 50 mm. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is easily treatable. It has high corrosion resistance due to the formation on the surface of a solid oxide film prevents further oxidation. This metal embodies the dream of mankind of the sky becoming the basis for the design of aircraft and missiles. So there is no doubt high-strength aluminum legs their ability to withstand the serious load. In addition, we apply chrome coating on aluminum products. Chrome plating reduces friction and improves durability and corrosion resistance products. The undeniable advantages of aluminum legs What are the benefits you get by purchasing our furniture feet aluminium In our company you can purchase various types of furniture supports at affordable prices. For luxury furniture we offer this kind of support as the wooden leg for lower cost products it is possible to use plastic supports. Learn more about the characteristics and scope of application for furniture feet made of aluminium you can by phone +1 212 506-7387. We always welcome your questions. Furniture support our products meet environmental standards and high quality standards. High professionalism and long experience of our specialists allows you to perform virtually any volume order. Affordable prices despite the relatively high cost of materials and labor for the manufacture of furniture legs is a distinctive combination of quality and price. The shortest terms of manufacture of the legs and private service delivery is beneficial
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