Our phone +1 212 255-37-38 email infoptksd-svet.com Production And Trading Company Ledenergosnab. The main activity of the company is the manufacture and supply of LED lamps Enter your request to search. The new for 2008 are folding supports. This is a group of supports which can be folded to service the lamp or change the light source.

They are designed for places with difficult or impossible access and elevated work platforms. Group folding type poles SAL..P with diameter at the base, 120 mm and 140 mm is reduced with the help of loops which are mounted in the niche.

Folding support is suitable for mounting single street light. The use of folding supports Sports areas for example tennis plausability route car parks and road junctions, ports platforms airports and other areas with difficult access elevated work platforms.The dignity of the folding supports is the ability to safely obmenonline of svetilnichkami on the ground level - easy and safe way of Oriskany and raising support - decrease cost of operation of the supports in the absence of the need to use aerial platforms and special staff with special employment rights for working at height. The possible collateral of the base polyurethane elastomer denoted by adding the letter E to the code support for example 41466Е. If the order quantity more than 10 pieces a single volume may vary due to method of packaging.

Permissible load The use of extension arms and luminaires must always be verified with the permissible load of the support for a given wind zone. © All rights reserved. OOO.