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Wholesale LED lamps Modern aluminum poles are a guarantee of quality and reliable outdoor lighting What you need to illuminate a large area Bright source of light which is necessary to raise the height. With this task perfectly cope aluminum lighting poles on them are fixed lamps or spotlights and devices of automated control of street lighting. Concrete poles are sometimes used but the advantages of aluminum lighting poles are undeniable high durability and reliability of the design elegant appearance and the possibility of painting in any color relatively low weight which facilitates transportation and installation fire safety. Installation of lighting poles For installation of lighting poles at the facilities are mainly used two methods of installation installation of supports directly into the ground promotechina design in the pre-prepared excavation hole and pouring concrete flange mounting on the Foundation made of concrete or metal fasteners with bolts Surface mounted aluminum supports covered by anti-corrosion compounds such as enamel or hot dip galvanised. Products made of metals susceptible to corrosion in varying degrees. The highest corrosion occurs at the supports of external lighting are in constant contact with moisture and corrosive substances in the atmosphere. The negative impact of salts used to remove ice in the winter, the influence of microorganisms and radiation mechanical damage all these factors gradually destroy the structure supports for lighting. Aluminium poles are used to organize high-quality lighting of urban infrastructure. They are used to accommodate lamps that illuminate the city streets and roads, stadiums and shopping centers, the industry, etc. Aluminum supports, there is no alternative in the coverage of motorways and railway infrastructure. The parameters of the supporting structure lighting poles are calculated based on the characteristics of the installation place of soil properties wind load and weight of the installed lighting equipment. In the list of calculated parameters include the number of faces is most often used hexagon length lighting poles, ie the ratio of overground and underground parts support length lighting poles with flange connection. A round pillar of light is called aluminum pillar having a cross section in the form of a circle. On supports this type of install brackets under the pendant lamps as well as console type. Round supports a universal solution which can be applied to any project. Used for the manufacture of pipe
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