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Led bulb Support street lighting poles of reinforced concrete and metal pipe, the inferior role of the most advanced systems. Duralumin round conical and multifaceted supports of external lighting have irrefutable advantages over the classic in the American Federation concrete pillars relatively less weight over a significant period of operation to justify the high initial costs are the most affordable and quick installation higher safety for the installation of supports on motorways. And we also have several positive sides in front of the supports of the pipes light weight mobility when designing in clear agreement with the client environment for use with smaller diameter and thickness of the product. Significant consumption of poles for installation of lighting tubes and low security models of reinforced concrete makes their use in many applications ineffective. From the faceted metal poles for street lighting has several advantages before the classical cylindrical and circular supports for lighting. Faceted supports of exterior lighting is much simpler cylindrical and have a lower price. Some types of lighting poles may be mounted and dismounted without the use of a crane. In addition, when faced with the reliance road transport receives less damage due to the reduction of the kinetic energy of the collision, which also increases the security of people's lives. Support protect against rust by hot-dip galvanizing for the entire period of operation 2530. Manufacturer of lighting poles. Props to the lighting installation made from sheet steel, flexible, single longitudinal weld seam and coated for protection against rust by hot-dip galvanizing. The coating layer of zinc is very thin, approximately 100 microns. The method of hot galvanizing in processing of metal both outside and inside is the basic condition and gives the opportunity in the future to have substantial savings on costs for periodic painting. Very rapidly appear in the market conical steel lighting poles. They are made from sheet steel with a thickness of 34 mm. System supports data gives the opportunity to use it when you need and in designs with the air wrap-up of the supply voltage. Lighting poles made of metal are mounted on the flange of the laying element of the Foundation, either directly into the soil. Holder for mounting fixtures secured to the top support bolts. Inside the conical supports of the Assembly panel is provided with terminal connectors and circuit breaker for switching of lighting equipment. At the request of the individual
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