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Modern aluminium poles for lighting have characteristics which allow them to lead with confidence in the domestic market. The process of manufacturing modern lighting poles based on rolling technology of aluminum tubing, which allows to obtain the end result of a solid structure with a variable diameter along the specified length. So to base future support to take the aluminum sheet with 8 mm thickness. To cover lighting pole apply a protective layer of epoxy resin. It is through this ball supports for lighting can be set equal to the same extent on the concrete Foundation or directly in the open ground. Constructs this class with the highest score lengths are equipped with special lightning. In this case, they are made for reliability, with a double wall. This design approach is fully consistent with state standards for safety. Thanks to new technological solutions now exists a unique opportunity to create a lightweight seamless supports with increases in the operational and technical characteristics. In addition, a method of manufacturing lighting standards of this type also implies the possibility of production of high-quality load-bearing grounds almost any configuration developed of course, given dynamic and static loads. Supports for lighting in aluminium is equipped with special niches which are designed for terminal blocks. Thus, the strip supplies power wires will be inside the case. This well thought out constructive course provides a very high degree of security in those high-end modules. Currently, there are aluminium folding supports that allow on the ground to serve lighting. In cases of this kind of posts will not need to use different variants of the lifting equipment. Data of the original design decisions put the class of models of bearing supports for lighting equipment just out of competition. Supports for lighting aluminium is practical and highly functional components of modern lighting systems with attractive technical characteristics 1 unbeatable lightness of the structure itself which is probably the main competitive advantage 2 long life here he achieves more than 40 years 3 easy transportation and installation without the use of special equipment 4 absolute corrosion resistance 5 increases the fire-resistance rating of 6 high resistance critical temperature regimes and different aggressive media 7 wear resistance and
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