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Aluminum conical lighting supports are designed to illuminate open spaces, city streets, sidewalks, parks, squares and car parks. Also ideal for lighting of cottage settlements and cottage settlements. Fully comply with the world standards of quality and safety.

Advantages of aluminum alloy supports:
- ease of construction;
- ease of transportation and installation;
- aesthetic appearance;
- reliability (withstand load in any wind zones)
- possibility of painting in any color of the RAL scale.
It is possible to produce solid conical aluminum poles up to 12 meters high for your order.
Guarantee for aluminum lighting supports - up to 30 years.
Aluminum lighting supports:
Height Lower diameter Upper diameter Wall thickness
  From 2 m to 12 m From 90 mm to 245 mm From 50 mm to 125 mm From 2 mm to 6 mm
The price of an aluminum lighting support depends on its specific technical characteristics. The company "EnergoOpora" offers supports of the following types:
Height (mm) Lower Diameter (mm) Top Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Price (USD)
2500 120 60 3 12 355
3000 120 65 3 14 445
4000 120 65 4 20 498
6000 120 65 4 24 603
6000 145 65 4 29 656
8000 145 65 4 35 780
9000 120 65 4 38 763
10000 145 65 4 42 879
Get more information and download the price you can in the Prices section. At the order from 10 pieces the discount to 20 \% is given.
Schemes of aluminum alloy supports
We also offer supports of stainless steel and light supports from composite materials.
If you want to purchase lighting poles, please call the numbers on the website or order a return call, and our specialist will contact you at the appropriate time.

Aluminum supports are designed to organize outdoor lighting, which plays a very important role for any locality.
Aluminum supports have a lot of advantages, which include:
• long service life - not less than 50 years;
• lightness and strength of the structure;
• resistance to mechanical and dynamic loads;
• resistance to adverse environmental conditions;
• high corrosion resistance.
In addition, aluminum supports have high decorative qualities and modern design.
Aluminum supports are available in various diameters and can be mounted by digging into the ground or on concrete foundations or using anchor devices.
You can see the products by downloading the catalog in PDF format
Catalog 2007
Catalog 2007 Ros
Catalog Ogrod 2007
Coagactor Gr1
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In place of concrete columns in the illumination of the streets over time, metal structures come. Their development and production is one of the priorities of the company "" for many years. Aluminum lighting supports are necessary for open spaces, city streets and parks, car parking. They are also used in suburban areas and in settlements. The main purpose of the supports from aluminum is to support lanterns and floodlights, street lamps.
Aluminum park lighting supports for luminaires and streetlights have many advantages. They are light and aesthetic, easy to transport and install without special technical means. Aluminum constructions are resistant to aggressive media. They also have high mechanical strength.
Another important advantage of aluminum supports for outdoor lighting is the possibility of their recycling, which means safety for the environment.
To enhance the anti-corrosion properties of aluminum, it is anodized. This helps to improve the decorative characteristics of the lighting support, to change the color of the construction from this metal.
Lighting structures made of aluminum are made by rolling a pipe. With the help of this technology, an integral structure with a predetermined conicity is created. In addition, they perform aesthetic functions due to beautiful relief patterns in the form of flowers, leaves, etc.
In the product catalog "" you will find:
• aluminum lighting supports;
• brackets;
• aluminum bases and tops.
Request a price list on the website of the store "", which will indicate the price for all interesting aluminum supports and other goods needed for lighting.
Why is it worth to order the goods from us?
There are several reasons why you can buy the necessary aluminum lighting supports in the online store "":
1. We have a wide range of goods. If necessary, the company will produce products for you according to individual drawings.
2. Our aluminum products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, therefore they serve for decades without loss of quality.
3. We have everything you need to install aluminum lighting poles. You can entrust these troubles to our employees.
"" is the leader in the market of lighting products in Russia. Buying aluminum poles on the site, you choose the best.
Contact the consultants via the feedback form or order a call, and we will help to make the right choice!

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