Aluminum poles, Aluminium street poles in USA

Aluminum poles, Aluminium street poles in USA

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Composition Reliability, durability, ease in installation - these qualities are possessed by aluminum supports that have unique characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to note the exceptional durability of such structures, street lighting supports made of aluminum can last at least half a century.
An attractive advantage of aluminum supports is the possibility of anodizing the surface. A special polymer coating, which provides an impressive variety of colors, is also an effective protection of the surface from external factors.
Anodizing is used for the purpose of anticorrosive protection of the surface of aluminum supports and heads, as well as for decorative purposes. The anodizing of aluminum consists in the production on the surface of the metal by the electrochemical method of the oxide layer, which penetrates into the metal surface by 2/3, and covers it by 1/3, thereby effectively protecting aluminum from further oxidation or corrosion, ensuring safe use of the product even under severe climatic conditions .
Characteristics of anodized poles:
The anodic surface is an integral part of the product, due to this, its detachment is impossible,
Long life, with the possibility of extending the warranty to 20 years,
High aesthetics of the support for a long service life,
High resistance to ultraviolet,
Resistance to corrosion,
A wide range of colors,
Light weight,
Possibility of recycling of material (recycling),
Decoration of the surface.

Supports OGC, OGCF
Supports OGC, OGCF

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